Comments for Color Out of Space

By Thomas 8 minutes into the movie

Make me a shlaggot'h and charge the yokkuth-azzathlu

By Dre 32 minutes into the movie

Alpaca boobs

By Wife 1 hours 6 minutes into the movie

I have to get online I NEED A COMPUTER

By Wife 1 hours 9 minutes into the movie

Just FIX that DISH

By Wife 1 hours 20 minutes into the movie


By Dre 49 minutes after the movie

More like cauliflower out of spice

By #420BLAZEIT 10 hours 11 minutes after the movie

I was super BLAZED for this one.

By Eriste-ogre 5 days 19 hours 35 minutes after the movie

I now understand what "Lovecraftian" means bc of this movie

By Eristeo 8 days 10 hours 13 minutes after the movie

After watching midsummer, I decided to change my rating to a 3. But since I can't edit my previous rating, I added a second rating of 2.5 to lower the average rating of this movie

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